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SecureAZ provides Australia-based Cyber Security Employee Training for businesses, governments and charities.

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Making Your Staff Cyber Smart from A to Z

]In today’s digital world, it’s essential to educate your employees to make smarter choices when it comes to cyber security. By providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to stay safe online, you can help to protect your organization’s data and assets.

At SecureAZ,

We equip and ready our staff to stand up against the cyberattacks they experience daily, from deceptive email phishing to protecting themselves on the internet.

We are your one-stop online training solution that makes the cyber-smart journey fun and engaging.

We offer simulated phishing scenarios, comprehensive company assessments and interactive live training to test if your employees can spot malicious emails disguised as legitimate ones. 

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See what our customers say:

The Hearing House
The Hearing House
The Secure AZ team is very good. Their support and expertise is valuable for our organisation. We highly recommend them!
Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy
Very happy with the team at SecureAZ. They are knowledgeable and informative, helped us navigate some good internal questions, and to plan for threats. They present real world examples that are specific and applicable to our business and have engaged all our staff with a clear cyber awareness message. We were very happy with their services.
Gabor Flamis
Gabor Flamis
Working with AZ has been great! Their product is fantastic, easy to use, and effective. Using their services has been a very good experience.
David Fourie
David Fourie
The training videos are informative and fun to watch - the team is responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Cyber Security Employee Training Australia – What we do:

Security Awareness Training:

Cyber security is a complex topic, but with our Awareness Training, it doesn’t have to be difficult. We make sure that our program is easy to understand and engaging for your staff, so they can get the most out of their training experience.

Overall, our Cyber Security Awareness Training is the perfect way to give your employees the knowledge they need. It’s tailored to their needs and makes sure they stay ahead of the curve without any effort.

Phishing Simulations:

Regularly introducing phishing simulations into a company’s training program can be useful in evaluating employee reactions and shielding the organization from possible phishing attacks.

Cyber Health Checks

Once the initial cyber health check is complete, our team will provide a detailed report outlining any weaknesses, potential risks, and vulnerabilities in the company’s systems. This report will also include a comprehensive action plan that outlines the steps needed to address the issues identified in the health check.

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Enabling Cybersecurity At Every Step

Many Australian companies struggle with employees in different departments who may not be equipped to identify cyber-security threats. We are here to bridge this gap with our comprehensive cyber-security training.

We offer an hour-long crash course or an incremental program over the course of a year. Our training provides individuals with the knowledge to understand, address, and avoid common cyber and phishing attacks. Take a peek at what we do:

Empowering Work-From-Home Safe Practices

As work culture transitions to remote work, cybersecurity is more critical than ever. Keep your team and your business safe from any potential cyber threats while they work from home.

Ensure that you and your employees feel secure while working remotely. Protect your organization from any potential risks and keep your company secure.

Make the Cyber Smart Choice

SecureAZ has the answer to your worries about cybersecurity awareness – it’s your all-in-one solution! Don’t stress about the security of your data anymore, because SecureAZ is here to provide a comprehensive awareness platform.

With SecureAZ, you’ll have access to a wide range of resources to help you stay informed and up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity trends. Plus, you’ll get tailored advice on how to keep your data safe. Don’t worry about data security any longer – SecureAZ has got you covered!

“…a very easy welcoming experience. Really impressive imagery, good use of animated GIF’s, simple wording, friendly yet informative – the content is excellent….”

– Craig M

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SecureAZ Cyber Security Employee Training is local

After trialing various overseas cyber security training systems, we were convinced that a local platform that used language Kiwis and Aussies could relate to would fill a gap in the market.

SecureAZ was launched in 2021 specifically to meet the cyber safety needs of New Zealand and Australian organisations.

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We’re Ready to talk about Cyber Security Employee Training and protecting your business.

We are super keen to talk AU Cyber Training and share a demo of our products. Get in touch today.

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