Phishing Training Australia

Phishing is in the lead regarding cyber threats, and combining hybrid work environments and mobile devices only amplifies the risk to your business.

To help protect against this danger, we offer phishing simulations that imitate genuine emails. This allows your employees to practice spotting potential malicious messages so they know what to look out for.

What is Phishing Training?

It’s becoming increasingly important to provide phishing education to your employees. To ensure they are receiving regular, up-to-date training, consider running simulated phishing tests based on real-world phishing templates.

Our SecureAZ live phishing simulations will ensure you get the best value from your training. With our help, you can ensure your employees are better informed and prepared against malicious attacks.


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Personalised branding

As part of our introduction, we crafted phishing landing pages with your distinctive branding – creating a familiar atmosphere for your team as they embark on their cyber security journey.=

Actionable reporting

Our platform provides you with meaningful insights into the progress of your staff’s security endeavours.

We make interpreting our reports and tailor them to your needs straightforward.

Real-world Templates

We use real phishing examples to ensure your staff are aware of the latest scams targeting Australian businesses.

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Our courses orbit around people

SecureAZ LMS makes it easy to keep up with your training – no matter where you are. Our courses are tailored for remote workers and are ideal for your work-from-home situation. Accessible on any device and from any location, our platform helps you stay on top of your training needs.

From beginner to pro

Security Awareness is essential for keeping your staff focused – it needs to be interesting and regularly tested with relevant, up-to-date Phishing Simulations. To really grab people’s attention, these simulations should be constantly changing.

Ensuring that your team stays informed and engaged with security matters is the best way to ensure your organization is safe.

When a business has continuous training in place, the relevant concepts and ideas remains “top of mind” for staff. 

All services.

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Social Media Safety

Social Engineering

Online Safety

Multifactor Authentication

Add real-world phishing simulations to your training

SecureAZ Phishing Simulator guarantees your business is tested each month. This keeps your team on their toes and alert.

Rather than worrying about the possibility of an attack, your staff will be prepared to handle anything that comes their way.
The regular monthly testing reinforces best practices, strengthens security protocols, and helps you protect your business from cyber threats.

It also allows you to detect any issues early on, minimizing the risk of a successful attack.
By staying ahead of the game, you can ensure your business is more secure and better prepared for the future.

We craft emails that look like the real thing. If your team has been through our training, they will recognize the signs of these emails. Afterwards, we can inform you on how well your staff are doing, and if they need a reminder on certain areas.

This way, you can be sure that your staff are up to speed and can handle any situation that comes their way with ease. We make sure that the reports are clear and concise, so you can make the best decisions for your business.

Our emails are designed to be as realistic as possible, which means that your team will have no problem identifying what is authentic and what is not. This way, you can rest assured that no one will be fooled by any suspicious emails.

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What you get with SecureAZ

When a business has continuous training in place, the relevant concepts and ideas remains “top of mind” for staff.  

Core fundamentals

If you’re looking to learn the basics of cybersecurity, our online courses are the perfect place to start. We’ll guide you through the essential elements of this ever-evolving world of education, helping you stay on top of the latest advancements.

You’ll be sure to find the knowledge you need for a secure future.


Easy to follow video training

We’ve crafted our videos to be easy to comprehend and keep up with. The content is divided into succinct courses that make mastering the subject matter a breeze. We’ve made sure that the learning journey is as effortless as possible.

User progress reporting

Once your journey to understanding is finished, we’ll provide a full report. Additionally, you’ll get a monthly report of all the Phishing Simulations. This way, you’ll always know what’s happening and can take steps to stay secure.


Why do employees need this training?

Cybercrime is a truly global issue, and it’s hitting headlines every day. Companies are being hacked and data is held hostage, resulting in employees losing access to both data and their identities, as well as the potential for systems to be compromised and financial losses.

We want to help businesses become cyber-savvy and provide them with a continuous stream of practical and up-to-date knowledge, tools and ideas through our Security Awareness Journey. It’s the perfect way to stay informed and protected.

I just want our staff to do all the courses in one go, is this possible?

We’re able to plan your Information Security Journey to be completed within two weeks and then have refresher courses later on in the year.

We can make it easy and enjoyable for you. We’ll craft a unique experience that you won’t soon forget.

So, why not take the plunge and get your Information Security Journey underway? We guarantee you won’t regret it!

Can I be a reseller of your product?

Yes, absolutely. If you are a reseller of insurance, IT products, or anything in that space, we would love to talk with you. Email us or give us a call. 

We already have an internal Learning Management System in place, are your courses compatible with that?

At InfoSec Journey, our courses are SCORM compliant, meaning they’re easy to export and plug into your Learning Management System. This affords you the opportunity to synchronize your security training with your other in-house training programs.

We believe our courses should be accessible and straightforward to implement. That’s why we strive to make exporting and integrating our courses into your existing system a breeze.

Ready to talk about the risks facing your company?

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