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Stay ahead of the curve and get a Cyber Health Check to safeguard your business systems and data from the newest cyber threats.

Our Cyber Health Check thoroughly evaluates your cybersecurity stance to single out any potential areas of risk and weak points.

Guarantee that your business is fully utilising the most advanced security measures.

What is a Cyber Health Check?

A Cyber Health Check thoroughly appraises your business’s cyber security status. Our 10-domain Cyber Health Check draws on best practices from all over the world, such as NIST and ISO, and is designed to help keep your business safe from the latest cyber threats.

We’ll help you gain the insight to enhance your security protocols and policies, identify any potential risks or vulnerabilities, and measure the level of improvement.


Why a cyber security health check is so important

A cyber security health check is incredibly important for any business or organisation that stores, processes, or transmits sensitive information. It helps to ensure that the company is secure from potential cyber threats and risks, such as malware, phishing, and data breaches. A health check can help to identify any existing vulnerabilities and provide actionable steps to strengthen security.

It also helps to ensure that any new technologies or services are implemented securely and any changes to existing systems are made in accordance with best security practices. Additionally, a health check provides the opportunity to review and update existing security policies, practices, and procedures to ensure they remain in line with the latest industry standards.

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Cyber Health Check - SecureAZ

Business Context

At Cyber Health Check, we create a tailored solution for each business. Our process involves pinpointing the risks that could be present given the organisation’s industry, size, and operations.

10-Domain Cyber Health Check

Let us take a look at your business’s cyber security situation and discover any potential weak spots. We’ll be sure to leave no stone unturned in our search for vulnerabilities.

We’ll evaluate your security posture, ensuring no weak points are overlooked. We’ll investigate every area to make sure your system is as secure as possible.

Experienced Team, Actionable Insights

Our squad consists of adept cyber security gurus, who boast industry credentials.

We are here to offer practical advice to cut down on cyber-related risks and vulnerable areas.

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Small | Medium | Large Business

SecureAZ team members are certified in CISSP, CCSP, CISM, and CISA. We understand the associated risks and vulnerabilities, and we can help you to reduce them. We’ll provide you with actionable advice for risk mitigation.

Our expertise in the field allows us to offer you an extensive overview of the potential threats. We’ll give you strategies for minimizing the likelihood of danger and provide guidance for preventive measures.

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From start to finish…

Doing a Cyber Health Check means taking a proactive approach to cyber security. Our 10-domain scorecard is tailored to your industry and provides an individual risk score.

We want to help you improve your cyber security posture, so we provide customized advice on the best controls to reduce those risks. All of this together helps to create a safer online environment.

Cyber Aware Culture & Risk Management

Mobile Workforce Security

Secure Operations & Network Practices

Manage Incidents Effectively

Secure Hygiene Practices

Secure Cloud Practices

Data & Privacy Practices

Identity & Lifecycle Management

3rd Party & Compliance Requirements

Secure Development Practices

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