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Are you keen to get your staff up to speed on their cyber awareness in Australia? We’ve deeply explored the most effective techniques for training your employees to stay safe online.

Different methods cover every aspect of security awareness training, ensuring that newbies to experts can all learn and remember the key facts.

By giving your staff the right information, you can help them to stay secure in the face of ever-changing cyber threats.

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A Passion for business in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2020, Sam and Tom, the directors of SecureAZ, became increasingly worried that not enough local businesses were taking cyber security threats seriously, leaving them exposed to hackers. The ordinary company was not providing their staff with the necessary training to recognize email scams (phishing) and social engineering (fraudsters masquerading as someone known to them). This posed a huge risk to their safety.

The directors knew that it was essential for businesses to start taking these risks more seriously and to educate their staff to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. They wanted to create awareness and encourage companies to invest in the necessary security measures.

Sam and Tom were determined to share their message and ensure local businesses grasped the significance of cyber security. Their goal was to make sure everyone was safe from the malicious schemes of hackers.

After evaluating a few cyber security training systems from abroad, we were certain that a localized platform that used a language familiar to New Zealanders and Australians would fill a gap in the market.

SecureAZ was launched in 2021 specifically to meet the cyber safety needs of New Zealand and Australian organisations. It’s a Kiwi-owned and operated cyber security training programme that’s accessible and affordable. SecureAZ provides insights, tips and pop-up quizzes through a series of easy-to-follow short video courses. Follow-up real-world phish simulation testing verifies that employees have learned to be more alert to potential cyber threats.

In the case of a hacked government health organisation for example, operations and appointments can be delayed, resulting in a backlog of work. It can take months to get everything back to normal, and the organisation may suffer a loss of jobs, income, and overall credibility.

It is not uncommon for the hacker to demand a ransom before the hacked organisation can regain access to their data, which can also be leaked to the dark web. This leaves the organisation unable to function, causing a great deal of chaos.

We strictly follow Cert NZ’s and  Australian Signals Directorate guidelines.


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